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Back in 1651, Natick was a land discovered and developed by an English Puritan missionary named John Eliot. The word Natick itself was from the Native American language of the Massachusett tribe that meant “A Place of Hills” or “Place of our searching”.

Natick had a very interesting history involving great people and events. It used to be a town mainly known for farming until it eventually grew into a more civilized area. 

In 1858, the invention of the sewing machine led to the growth of shoe factories. By 1880, there were 23 shoe factories operating in Natick. Popularly created in this city was the product called “brogan” or the type of shoes made and worn by the soldiers in the American Civil War. It is a boot that’s heavy, ankle-high in size.

Today, this city at the west of Boston has become so much more, though, it remained a small town. With its small land area of 15.1 square miles and a water area of 1.0 square miles, Natick, MA is capable of sustaining the life of its 32,786 residents for years and still growing.


Experience Life at Natick, MA

As they say, you have to see it for yourself. Knowing the best about Natick city requires you to visit the place personally to experience its beauty and thrill. There’s no way you could resist going to Natick, Massachusetts! 

The Natick Mall

The Natick Mall is just nearby, providing everyone a wonderful place to shop, eat, and stroll. Ever since it was built and opened in 1966, The Natick Mall has been the most enjoyable destination for family and friends.

The Natick Mall Natick MA Newton Basement Finishing
Center for Arts in Natick Newton Basement Finishing Natick MA.

Center for Arts in Natick

You don’t have to go to different places just to see a movie, a musical, or a place as The Center for Arts in Natick has all that ready for you. Every town in MetroWest Boston delights in the entertainment that TCAN offers.

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Take a walk along the Indian Brook inside the magnificent Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary to view a variety of animals from a close distance. There is a lovely view of nature as well as of wild animals like beavers, wood ducks and others more.

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary Natick MA Newton Basement Finishing

South Natick Dam Park

Natick, MA is proud to offer its residents and guests a place for scenic views which includes that of a lovely waterfall. It has been mesmerizing people since 1933.

Natick Community Organic Farm

Go visit the Natick Community Organic Farm once and you’re sure to come back for more. Here, the experience of learning how to grow plants and animals is worthwhile. There are no admission fees to worry about for both visiting and purchasing purposes, too!

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Experience Life at Natick, MA

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