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Newton, MA Bedroom and Bathroom Remodels

The basement of your home provides a lot of space that gives you an opportunity to really transfer your home into your dream oasis. Your basement living space can be further enhanced by renovating, or even building, new bathrooms or bedrooms. The team here at Newton Basement Finishing Company have done countless basement remodeling projects that include either a complete renovation, or creation, of a basement bathroom or bedroom. We know the extra space is helpful in accommodating guests, so let us work for you at an affordable rate and expand your living space into a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Basement Bathrooms and Bedrooms - Newton Basement Finishing


There seems to be a negative association with basement bathrooms because they tend to be very dark and maybe have a bit of a mucky feeling. The team here at Newton Basement Finishing Company do not want any portion of your home to be under appreciated, especially because of bathroom features that can easily be improved with a basic bathroom renovation. With this in mind, do not turn your basement bathroom into a storage space, and instead turn it into the ultimate personal hygiene space! We know that with the right tiles, fixtures, and lighting, we can really upgrade the space to something perfect.

If your basement is a relatively cozy space, but there is no bathroom, this can really detract from a person’s desire to spend time down there. Also, if you have a guest bedroom downstairs, but do not have a bathroom for them to use, it can be quite the inconvenience. This is exacerbated if they have to use the bathroom during the middle of the night! Luckily though, installing a bathroom in your basement is much easier than you think! Your basement living space deserves to provide all the necessary amenities to your guests and family members, so work with us today to get yours installed! 

How often have you visited the basement bedroom in your home, but you could not imagine spending any time down there because it is too cold and dark? This has probably happened nearly every time you have gone there! These are common issues for basement spaces in a home, but it does not have to be this way. The team here at Newton Basement Finishing Company offers basement renovation services that are able to improve these circumstances, such a better lighting and insulation. Not the mention, we can even provide ground heating so you, or your guests, do not need to wears socks the entire time you are down there.

Building an entirely new bedroom in your basement is easier than you think! A basement remodel is simplified when you work with us here at Newton Basement Finishing Company because we have been in the industry for many years. As such, we have an abundance of materials, products, and connections to access the perfect goods and services. From here, we are able to ensure the construction of the new bedroom in your basement goes smoothly. We have access to all the necessary tools that enables us to exceed expectations. Not to mention, we are all high-trained tradesmen, and we are able to get the job done for you right, the first time.