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Originally incorporated as a town with the name “Cambridge Village” in 1681, the town was renamed Newton in 1766. Today, the city of Newton is known as “The Garden City”. Newton stands true to its city’s popularity in terms of beauty, organization, and safety. It’s the town to stay in if you desire a peaceful and productive hometown.

Newton’s main asset is its excellent education system offered in both public and private institutions. They value education as much as they value their people. The Newton Free Library opened in 1870 and has been recognized as one of the top ten libraries in the country, in its population range category. The city aims for both educational equity and academic excellence.

Newton Police Department secures the city 24/7, making it one of the safest places to go to in America. Its Fire Department, too, is all set to respond to any fire emergency nearby with its well-trained EMTs. 

Once you decide to stay in Newton, MA, you’ll get to enjoy 55% publicly owned land areas to visit from its 19.6% free open spaces. For this reason, recreation is also not a problem with their sports clinic, swim facilities, as well as camps around the area.


5 Best Activities to do In Newton

Hemlock Gorge Reservation

Enjoy a nice walk at the city’s Hemlock Gorge and Echo Bridge. Breathe some fresh air and indulge in beautiful sceneries around.

Newton Cemetery

Explore this lovely resting place for the dead which was founded in 1855 and still has a great appeal today. It serves people of all religions in Boston and Newton cities.

Hammond Pond Reservation

Choose from a variety of recreational activities here such as rock climbing, hiking, canoeing and kayaking, fishing, and many more. This is the perfect spot to bond with family and friends.

Hammond-Pond Reservation Basement Bathrooms and Bedrooms Newton MA

Jackson Homestead and Museum

Witness the history of Newton, MA with the exhibits displayed at this museum operated by the Historic Newton. Discover about the city’s most notable people in the past as well as the events that took place there.

Longyear Museum

Get to know more about one of the most respected women in America, Mary Baker Eddy who founded Christian Science in 1866. The museum has a Library and a Store which is free for everyone to visit.

What We Offer

Who would not want to live in Newton with all its beautiful assets? Need more rooms for your growing family to stay in here for the next decade to come? Our professional basement finishing service could get this spot in your house ready for occupancy in no time.


In achieving your desired basement finishing, you’ll need a helping hand from only the most trusted basement finishing company in town. We understand your goals in getting it done right the first time. Let’s meet and talk about your ideas regarding the design and the budget set for the project. We’ll listen to you and ensure you 100% satisfaction.

Basement Design Newton MA Newton Basement-Finishing

Basement Design

Reinvent your boring, undesirable basement space into a new design and style. We can figure the best look for your basement together!

Basement Bathroom and Bedroom Services Newton Basement-Finishing

Basement Bathroom and Bedroom Services

Before working with us, you must have gone to your basement once or twice a month only to get some tools or old things. Our trained basement finishing professionals will change that for you. Your basement could be the last room you’d visit at the end of the day for sleep and rest.

Basement Home Theaters

Feel the good vibes of being inside a theater watching some comedy or romantic films with your family right there in your basement. Because it’s underground, far from the noisy outdoor area of your home, you can enjoy the experience even more. We’ll get this ready for your next movie night.

Basement Built-ins, Bars, Wine Cellars, and Man Caves

To complete the remodeling of your basement is the storage for other stuff you would like to have there, such as cabinets, wine cellars, and man caves. Not only will they help save more space in the room but they can also increase its aesthetic appeal. Get design ideas from us or have them customized according to your taste. We’re here to assist you!

Basement Waterproofing Newton MA Basement Finishing

Basement Waterproofing

Reinvent your boring, undesirable basement space into a new design and style. We can figure the best look for your basement together!

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Start your home remodeling today. Reach us at 617-744-4133 and talk to our professionals about your basement finishing plans. We’ll listen to your ideas and ensure that everything is accomplished, from basement remodeling to basement waterproofing. With Newton Basement Finishing Company’s help, you’ll see a living room, home theater, study room, resting, and recreation area all rolled into one room. We’re more than happy to serve you!