Basement Services

Basement Finishing Services in Newton, MA Area

Basement Finishing Services in Newton, MA

We are the leading basement finishing company in Newton, MA. Our reputation has been well earned over the years. At first, we provided repairs and renovations for basement. But we soon realized that many of the basements we worked in were in need of other basic care jobs, such as an upgrade for lighting, improved ceiling tiles, improved windows, and even improved staircases. As we started to integrate those services, our company continued to grow. Our ability to conduct high-quality work while also integrating aesthetically pleasing fixtures gained us a reputation as the ultimate basement designers for necessities such as bathroom and bedroom remodeling. We also started to deliver extra luxuries that you deserve! For example, we are now highly capable in our ability to build bars, wine cellars, home theaters, and man caves at affordable rates.


Our well executed finished basement designs are the key to you finally getting the incredible basement that you deserve. Also, basement finishing does not need to be a huge project. Since we offer an array of services, all of our team members are highly skilled tradesmen who are able to apply this knowledge and craftsmanship to a wide variety of projects. Because of our efficient and well-trained team of professionals, we are able to provide affordable prices. If you are ready to get started today, give us a call to discuss our following services in further detail:

Basement Finishing, Remodeling and Renovation

Over the years that we have worked in the Newton area, we are frequently referred to by our clients as the best providers of basement finishing in the area.

Basement Design (ceilings, floors, windows, walls, lighting, stairs, etc.)

Your basement space can be taken to the next level when the proper finishing is added to it. This is because the space creates the structure

Basement Bathrooms and Bedrooms

The basement of your home provides a lot of space that gives you an opportunity to really transfer your home into your dream oasis.Your basement living space can be further

Basement Built-ins, Bars, Wine Cellars, and Man Caves

Your basement might be able to provide extra space for the extra special things in life. The team here at Newton Basement Finishing

Basement Home Theaters

A basement home theater is an incredible home entertainment system that can really bring your home entertainment to the next level. We have received tons of positive feedback from satisfied customers who are

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing your basement is an important precaution to take. Basement waterproofing ensures that your home does not have a lot of damages in case there is some sort of water leak or other sort of water damage.