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Basement Design Services in Newton, MA Area

Your basement space can be taken to the next level when the proper finishing is added to it. This is because the space creates the structure, but the fixtures and finishing bring it to life. This is your opportunity to let your personality shine through, and to have all of the comforts you could want installed to make sure your space is comfortable and welcoming. The basement design is also an affordable alternative to an entire basement renovation. Not to mention, it is an easy way to give your basement the revamp you have always wanted, but in a short time frame.

Basement Design in Newton


If your basement needs some updates with the ceiling, floors, or walls, we are able to provide exactly what you are looking for. We know that a ceiling that is too low, or floors that are too cold can really make a basement less desirable to spend time in. Luckily though, when you choose to work with us here at Newton Basement Finishing Company, we can fix all of those problems, and more! One service we are particularly proud of is our floor heaters. That way you can never be too cold downstairs again, and will be happy to spend time down there, even during the chilly winter months.

One way to make your basement feel much larger is to enhance the entrance way. That means upgrading the staircase down into the basement. The ultimate finished basement designs are able to provide maximum comfort, and typically, a more spacious stairwell in and out of a space makes it feel easier to access. When entering and exiting a space that is more comfortable, it is easier to relax. Another way to make the space feel more welcoming is to upgrade the windows in the basement. It is unbelievable what some extra natural lighting can do in order to set the right comfort level for a space!

How often do you hear complaints about basements being too dark and gloomy? Too often, right? It makes sense that there is less lighting in the basement, but it does not have to be this way! If you work with us, one of the best basement finishing companies in Massachusetts, you will be happy to learn about affordable rates for all of your basement lighting and design needs. We even offer pot lighting that will make it feel like the sun is shining right outside, even if it isn’t. Another service we offer are light dimmers so you can set the lighting to the perfect level for your needs and comfort levels.

If you want a basement remodel, and you live in the Newton, MA area, you are going to want to work with a team who is highly proficient in task completion, but who also do not compromise quality. You want to work with a team of professionals to transform your basement space quickly to meet the needs of your upcoming relative visit. Or may you want the job done quickly just because you FINALLY want to stop worrying about it. Either way, give us a call today here at Newton Basement Finishing Company.