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Will Finishing the Basement Increase My Home’s Value?


Many things can be done to add value to a home, including finishing the basement. Your basement may be a place in your home that’s covered with cobwebs and dust now, but with a little work, it’s sure to be a favorite spot for everyone in your home. It can add to the number of available rooms for your family to use, add to its curb appeal as well as to its selling value. Below are more ways a finished basement can add value to your property.

Newton Basement Finishing Dover, MA - Will Finishing the Basement Increase My Homes Value

How A Finished Basement Can Add to Your Home’s Value

New Bedroom

One essential benefit of finishing a basement is the creation of more space and an additional room in the home. Yet, if you choose to include a bedroom in your basement, you will also have to add two forms of egress or a passageway where you can pass through during an emergency, such as a window where a firefighter in full uniform can freely exit.

New Bedroom - Newton Basement Finishing Dover, MA

Building this form of egress requires expert work to ensure the passageway’s safety. Breaking into the foundation walls must be performed to make way for this addition, or you may choose to simply widen existing windows in your basement.

New Bathroom

Despite the basement being the least used space in the home, it is still necessary to add a bathroom. This addition may be a little more expensive than the others done to your basement. You’ll need money for the plumber service and the various plumbing fixtures. Of course, it is necessary to tile the bathroom for safe use, which can also increase the initial cost. However expensive this new feature may be, the greater impact it will have on the total value and functionality it provides your family will win.

New Bathroom - Newton Basement Finishing Dover, MA

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New Guest/Storage Room

Basement New Guest Room - Newton Basement Finishing Dover, MA

Despite the fact that the measurement of your basement does not really add to the square footage of your property in case you would like to sell it, the view of a lovely finished basement attracts buyers. Aside from that, this new functional space in your home can become a place for fun and excitement, such as a kids’ play area, recreation area, a home theatre or a staycation spot for your guests. Buyers would surely love this kind of surprise.

High Return on Investment

A basement may not seem as valuable and livable as the other areas in your home. But, there is definitely also a great value awaiting your property for every upgrade you make, including a finished basement. In fact, it can offer a return of 70 to 75% of your investment depending on how much you spent and the renovations you have done to it.

High Return on Investment - Newton Basement Finishing Dover, MA

No Need for Branded or Expensive Materials

No Need for Branded or Expensive Materials - Newton Basement Finishing Dover, MA

Homeowners are aware that basements are made with hardwood for finishing. Therefore, they are happy to simply have a finished basement that will be functional for them. This saves you money from not needing to use branded or expensive materials. When done by a team of dependable basement contractors, you’ll have nothing to worry about in the safety of the materials used and the entire upgrade.

What Our Experts Can Do For Your Home

Renovating your home is a task done best by experts. If you’re looking to improve your basement, the right decision is to hire professional basement contractors each time. In the Newton, MA area, Newton Basement Finishing is your top partner in bringing your home to the next level. We’ll help you transform your basement into a most amazing area in your home. Are you thinking a home theatre, a built-in bar, or a home office? There’s really no limit to what our professionals can do for you!

Basement finishing is just one of our best services. We also offer basement remodeling, renovation, design, and more. Over the years, we have built a strong foundation for our business by maintaining our creations’ high quality, safety, and affordability. Our professionals can also create the perfect wine cellar or man cave.

What Our Experts Can Do For Your Home - Newton Basement Finishing Dover, MA

With our highly-skilled craftsmen, no basement finishing project is hard to perform! Our designs and plans are made especially for your needs and desires to ensure 100% satisfaction on your part. This way, we can build a strong relationship with our customers that lasts through the years. Remember to contact us at 617-744-4133 when you feel it’s time to get a home improvement. The key to making your dream basement upgrade a reality is in our hands!

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